2012_03_25 Seminar. Rita yoga.

My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. This seminar Rita yoga. Are we culturally “Enlightenment” center near the Avtozavodskaya metro. All historical data on sites openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyyoga.ru. I also remind you that we have a course for independent, free study of the theory and practice of yoga at kurs.openyoga.ru.

Today we will have a workshop on yoga Rita. We must now recall with you the highlights of the theory of yoga Rita and to proceed to numerous practices. More will be given time to exercise our seminar today.

So, friends, let us remember, yoga – a system of self-knowledge that leads us to freedom. Yoga is based on the ancient Vedas. Vedas – the source of yoga.

In the Vedas, there is a basic law of the so-called law of Rita, the law of harmony, the law of spirituality, progress, joy and happiness. If you live according to the law, Rita, everything in your life wonderful. If you start to break the law, Rita, everything starts to go through the stump deck. His words, the law Rita could be summarized as follows: live and let live. Or the maximum realizing their freedom, creativity, life, emotions, self-knowledge and with a minimum impact on the freedom of living beings. That is, of all the options, from which we can expand our freedom, find that option to others from your freedom suffered as little as possible.

When you suddenly find intuitive or conceptualize law Rita in your life, you start overflowing joy, happiness, you want to dance, you are on the wings begin to live. All interesting, everything exciting work, whatever it may be, is a pleasure. Nature is thinking of you, nature thinking about your problems, meaning you do not have to strain to their bread zarabatyvatili other vital aspects commensurate, ie it somehow naturally occurs a self. Remember, like a bird of heaven, does not sow does not plow and did not die of hunger because she Rita. Nature takes care that there is something there, then the seeds were sprinkled. That’s about the same situation.

For us humans, this is particularly important as the majority of our anguish in our lives falls on the intellectual understanding of certain insoluble problems. And these questions are unanswerable arise if we somehow go against the law of Rita. Go not legally Rita due to ignorance. And, in fact, would be very good for us to go to a feeling of joy, happiness, harmony, to realize that even now, right here there are no real obstacles for you to reach all of its goals.

Another conversation, it would be good if you do not reach these goals by any means, but only in ways that infringe on the freedom of other living creatures minimally. That is, you must learn the wisdom you need to learn sensitivity. You must calculate your moves in advance, or rather not even to count, and to feel them. That is, from point A to point B is a million tracks, but if one go crush ants, on the other go, someone tolknesh. On the third go, where people will go too slowly, you will them customize and nervous myself for another go – he will be too slow to go behind you will customize and say, “What are you so slow pleteshsya?” Billion has a ways to achieve that , What do you want.

Do you all have any thoughts, you all have some desires. Do you remember that all of your desires will be fulfilled. Another conversation that it is faster, and that it does not happen that due to the method of execution of desire, then you are paying for this method. That is, we need somewhere within grasp, to feel the universe, not only at the level of intelligence of wisdom to count as in a chess game, his every next step, it is certainly necessary, but it is not the main thing. We still feel the hard way how to be a reflection of all the living beings of the universe. And then we intuitively feel that this does not have to go, because that will begin to suffer, and if he starts to suffer on your own body and this suffering affected you yourself will suffer.

It produced such a very interesting ability of intuitive perception of the universe, where there is, and intellectual understanding of each step, and sensual interpretation of each step. And now they are somewhere intersect, these two thinking, and this leads to the fact that the point at the center of your chest, there erupts a point of clarity. The lantern that illuminates everything, illuminates your mind and your emotions. And you are more in thoughtlessness, meditating on the point at the center of his chest, you begin to live in this life.

Here you go down the street, and people tend to live in the brain, they are always something to think, remember, nervous experience. If, God forbid, someone in poor health, he no longer lives, “Oh, it hurts, oh, here it hurts, legs ache and tail falls off, and everything bad”, that is, we, as it were shifted to a lower centers. And if you are happy wave and joy go, you can walk down the street, focusing on a point in the center of the chest, in a state of clarity and thoughtlessness, at the same time, as it is written: “Do not analyze, do not represent, nor bear the concepts, not fantasize, not meditate and just be. “

And so on that our seminar, I want us to be even more close to the concept of Rita, thereby clearly state in its heart center, while at the same time, grasped the dance or the harmony surrounding us. And it turns out that if we live so that when we realize the maximum freedom and minimum affect any freedom, it all turns into a dance in the cosmic dance of life, or the dance of Shiva.

Note that Shiva is often depicted as Shiva Nataraja, dancing Shiva ie. It is believed that the entire universe around you is dancing with happiness being. Everywhere joy, everywhere exciting extravaganza features. And if you are aware of yourself takes up this state and it is called bhava.

Therefore, the method of yoga following Rita, the first thing is to go on the reverse. To feel the harmony, very good sense of its return to the background is not harmony, that is, something is beautiful and ugly.

Therefore, we are now beginning to perform the dance, completely arbitrary and spontaneous, so what someone comes into my head, trying not to dance beautifully, trying to dance provocatively. As soon as we feel that we want to please others or to someone else, we deliberately do not start to do beautiful movements and so we some time will warm up in this Anrite. Then Anrita itself will begin to move in Rita, because it’s hard to exist in this universe are not in harmony, it is very hard, will not last long. And you will themselves cause the state of Rita. When you go into a state of Rita, I will ask you to meditate on the heart center, at this point of thoughtlessness. Point of joy and happiness, again, in the heart center in the future, we’ll talk some more about some points. Theories enough, her yoga Rita had a lot on our previous workshops. If you have any questions, let’s discuss them immediately.


Sergei Belov, MOYU: “And in his personal life, too, find that Rita recommended by Anritu?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Sometimes it is possible and through Anritu you remember that the poison in small quantities, this medicine only, here is the tricky Anrita to do no harm to other living beings, not to infringe their freedom That is now you’re here to dance do not… beautiful. and it is clear that all the others will look at you, it is clear that they are to do the same, and you will not be his ugly behavior poison the life of others. you are specially allocated place, time and hone. Similarly, in everyday life . Very well, if we apply Anritu, then, accordingly, so that there are no negative consequences for other living beings. “

Question: “Why do I need to start with Anrity to come to Rita?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “The fact that the poison in small quantities – a drug Since we are all done, we do not care how we evaluate the universe around us We want to please We want to say:” See how… it is beautiful dances, he is somewhere he studied what he caper thrown out, “and so on and so forth. and we unwittingly become slaves of other people’s opinions. and if we become slaves of other people’s opinions, what here freedom, and if there is no freedom, what kind of Rita. But as it went on for years, until now we have social creatures.

It is very good that in some conditions, we make sure that we do not interfere with others. But here we are, unfortunately, within yourself, in your head, confuse these two fundamental differences. On the one hand, limit yourself to not disturb others, and on the other side of the restriction just. Here we are just limit ourselves, within ourselves hold. Why? The man replied that as it should be. The reason was that in some other situations, indeed, if he began to behave as he pleases, he would be prevented. Some patterns of behavior were introduced, and they are not critical, through all our lives go. On the one hand, it really helps us, but on the other hand, they sometimes stifle us. We would turn the most time in their lives, and we are afraid of something, something we wait.

I answered the question? “


Question: “But inside us is harmony and beauty, and you want to look beautiful, then why do not consciously beautiful?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Let us so it is the theoretical aspects, we have more practical seminar, I will refer to kurs.openyoga.ru, there is a theory Rita yoga serious such a theory, set out strict enough If I start to repeat, most will not. interesting, and I would like you to come close to this, the first of the practical exercises, and then when you come to the course, you’d better lie down theory. Sometimes you need a little bit at least something to try, and then the theory would be best implemented. “


Question: “Rita and concentration”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, yes, yes Rita and concentration This is, in essence, meditation dance Rita yoga – a dynamic meditation in dance, when there is one-pointedness of consciousness on the harmony of what is happening, but there is no parasitic thoughts rushing!.. like rats, and there is clarity, a sense of harmony, thoughtlessness, hopes, on the one hand, the surrounding universe, on the other hand, the confidence of his superior nature, the nature of his higher self, or omnipotence. and all this leads to the fact that very clear, energy focus thoughtlessness. so I would say convoluted. “


Question: “The heart center – is the path to Rita?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev:. “The heart center – this is a good deal for us a demonstration center Like some yogis, Tibetan, transient India, have such a comparison is considered that there are different worlds There are different creatures We live in one of the best… places in the material world. the material world, with all its faults, at the same time makes it possible to quickly realize their spiritual nature.

Please note, the heart center is equidistant both from our mental centers from the thoughts and from our feelings, emotions, sensations. It is in the middle, it is balanced. And, of course, this has strengths and weaknesses. The strong point is that if you think about this center, then you, as if deciding to go straight, left, right, forward, backward, up, down, it will be balanced, there will be an understanding, and wisdom, and emotions, and sensations. But if you will, or towards the brain a decision, either towards feelings decisions, the more likely mistakes.

Here in our everyday life the most different combinations .: a husband and wife in the kitchen arguing and quarreling already started hitting the dishes, no one does not want to give up, nor the other does not want to give up. One calls for the arguments of reason, the other arguments to the emotions. Or on the contrary, one to the arguments of the emotions, and the other to reason. And, God knows what could result if there is not some sort of compromise to balanced territory. That’s just, if at the level of the heart center, and husband and wife, sooner or later begin to make decisions about the future life and coexistence steps towards each other, it is a guarantee that the error will be smaller and faster will the harmony in the family.

Because sometimes, indeed, the mind is raised: how is it, my husband or wife is so stupid or selfish behaved or not sensitive behaved. And sometimes simply insulting. Someone entered very reasonable, just a shame. You know, like a little child, he took away the candy, soup said to eat, but he still resents. And note, as a loving mother with a child behaves? She begins to read his lecture that the decay will eat his teeth, sensible mother does not start giving him cuffs, punish and say it is wrong. She’s somewhere kindness, somewhere, and the arguments of reason, somewhere inspires emotions that’s not good. The child feels calm down and everything is fine. The heart center is important.

Actually, you know, in the same text says that the earth mother of the umbilical cord connected to the child when it bears in our world, and in some higher spiritual planes child will be attached to the heart chakra, not to the navel chakra.

If no questions, then we start to practice. “


Part 2


This is our second part of the workshop on yoga Rita.


Who has any questions, comments, remarks, suggestions?


Question: The practice Anrity – is one of the techniques to achieve Bhava?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, of course not! Rita as Bhaava occurs spontaneously. But when we have too much bad karma, negative, so we are mired in Anrite, we need medicine, sometimes potent us to rethink his life. Anrita – is a medicine and not a law of nature. In the future, when you already feel the taste of Rita, you will not care how you perceive other people. Or the concept of duality: everything is constantly, and then you do not need Anrita, you will yourself to Rita.


Question: Our thin causal bodies have the floor?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: axiomatic question. Who of the students passed the axioms?


The answer from the audience: Judging from the axioms, the Absolute Zero of law brought to the law “one.” When he was alone, about any field can not speak. And when he is “divided” into two – three, then we can talk about the floor, because there was a separation of consciousness and energy. All of our bodies are subject to these laws.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, more than the gross body, the more pronounced the moments of sex. At the domestic level, in meditation, in various practices, you are called to meditate on yourself in different floors or even beyond gender. Level causing even deeper, there is even less all differentiated, and even easier to introduce ourselves through the different displays. If your expression had gone out into the universe and saw the universe as a female principle, you are born a man, and if the male – the female. Increasingly.



Further. Now we will create with you, how is credited with some of the Triad practices, triple protective field and will do other exercises in yoga Rita, reinforcing awareness of the heart center, so we approached the practice of yoga in Love by Rita.


Sit straight, turn a blind eye, the inner eye look through your entire body. Above the top of the head we see a bright point of light, hand out of nowhere. For myself repeating: “Hrim, Hrim, Hrim”. It can be seen as a point into a triple luminous sphere, three spheres, nested one inside the other. “Hrim, Hrim, Hrim” – these areas are growing. It appears that they are not transparent to each other, as well as outside. “Hrim, Hrim, Hrim” – glowing, iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow sphere, like a big ball, approached the top of the head. “Hrim, Hrim, Hrim” – triple warm wave passed through us. “Hrim, Hrim, Hrim” – slowly fill the space of our room. “Hrim, Hrim, Hrim” – stop at the borders of our hall, we do get up and take a step forward with the left foot.


The next part of our seminar – enhance the action of the heart center by working with duality.


Each of us is born male or female. According to yoga axioms if we were part of the universe and the universe perceived as a man, as a male principle, we were born a girl, if you like the feminine principle, we were born boys. Male principle – a principle of consciousness. Inside a single human body, whether you are male or female, this center is localized somewhere in the top of the head area. If we are talking about the energy principle, it is our Kundalini energy – the most basic and powerful energy. In fact, all of our energy – it is the manifestation of this single power, it is located at the base of the body, in the sacrum area.

We are working with the heart center, which is equidistant both from the principle of consciousness (top of the head), and the energy principle (top of the head of the body). To better understand this well-balanced center, it is much easier to understand if you, as a woman, you tune into the surrounding universe, as a young man of her dreams. Or vice versa, as a young man, tune into the universe, as the girl of his dreams. These are the basic elements of Yoga Triad. And in order to help us enhance it, is very good to have some practice in the first place, Nyassa practice, were made as follows: a pair of dividing man and woman to each other we were a focus of the universe.





We get up. Explore 6 pairs. Make a yantra 6-gon of the mat (honeycomb). Boys are each to his own pad, the girls are in front of boys. Classical triadic scheme: the leader, that is, I, driven, that is, you and the audience. But you remember that the master must be paired. This, in fact, the space diagram. She turns on the 900, looks inside the circle, the young man makes Nyasa following:

1. Using both hands, a point between the eyebrows, a point behind the top of the head (the principle of Consciousness), given the focus. Then remove your fingers to just touch (consciousness principle).

2. In the area of the lower abdomen and in the area of the sacrum (the area of emotions and feelings localization), involved the lower chakras. Keeping.

3. Heart Center in front and behind. Doing Nyasa another, you are doing it yourself.

Make another 3 times (top, base body and the heart center).


Now the boys are turning in a circle, and the girls are rotated, respectively, on the side. She does the same thing.

Now they are like 6 more people and make Nyasa someone who makes Nyasa. But still, our mind jumps, and when we touch another, touches us all off they’d go.

Girls looking into the circle of young men do Nyasa and the remaining girls do Nyasa boys as if in a mirror. Do 3 times, synchronizing. You must understand this echo, that is, doing another, then gets on himself.


Now the boys turn and look to the center, the girls make it Nyasa, the remaining girls do Nyasa first girl. Remember the basic rule Nyassa: touching the other, you touch yourself.


Those who are not involved in the process of looking at the slave, feels it in their centers.

The most important thing – the realization of three centers of power.


We did this exercise, now I will explain what we have done.


Njasa increases the rate of various reactions in yoga 10 (a kind of a chemical catalyst is not reacting, speeds up the process). We need it in order to make the following Rita: Our task Rita to tune into the feeling of non-duality, joy, flight. And as the fire from the flame to the torch is passed, we just have to, as soon as we someone turned up at Rita’s arm to touch the heart center with either hand, and say to him: “Thou art That,” as if a push from the outside.

Sometimes our mind to some concept comes better if it comes from the society. That is, You can talk to myself. “I’m good-looking, smart, good” A doubt in the mind, but is it true? Maybe I am doing self-deception? Another thing, if me someone says, “You’re a beautiful, smart, you’re the best”, this concept Ironically, comes better. So now we’ll play music, first and Rita – the harmony, I – Brahman and nothing else, and then Rita: “YOU HAVE TO!”

Friends, I have to say cleverness, and then we will discuss this practice.

The situation is this. We have lived up to the practice of yoga lovers. This is one of the elements of the practice of yoga lovers. Very strong practices. But it must be approached with a mind gradually, and no.

Look, the logic of which we are all moving in the Rita in Rita we move through life. Born, getting married, getting married, getting divorced, remarry, marry, or divorce, or even go into a monastery. Then, of course, die. The newly born. Again marry. We have relatives, friends.

Here we go through life, and we are on the way meets the mass of living beings. And if we move to Rita, in Bhave, then, first of all, everything is going fine. But there is such a thing. It’s like magic in magic. Every person that you meet on the way your life is potentially the Absolute, and you laid capabilities, the ability to awaken his consciousness that he was the Absolute. That is so, as did the ancient Teachers and Teachers yoga. You from them is no different. If they could awaken and rise to great heights, it can make you.

Therefore, the students of the Open University of Yoga, you have a very nice job waiting at the end. You will recall that four years of “austerity inside, outside Bhava”. And then you wizards life. You start to anyone who meets with you on the road, you turn to the Absolute. You start to break through the shell of ignorance and pull out the true essence of any living creature. It’s exciting, friends, it’s very exciting.

Now then, as with any practice of the Triad, it is set up that you have improved your relationship with your existing husbands / wives, lovers / mistresses with one hand. After this practice, in theory, be a little smaller scandals, misunderstanding and intolerance for each other. Because you will discover the habit of the Absolute with those who are close. You will give way through his ignorance, and see him as he really is.

Friends, this is a powerful tool that is fast methods, this is a very powerful practice. I give you no mantras. Because with the mantras you have all turned into a tool of enlightenment. All gradually.

If you do not have wives, husbands, girlfriends, friends, lovers, mistresses, then these practices are very much allow to bring their appearance. The more you will practice just such interactions with all who meet you on the way, the closer this all getting on. Actually, what you should have done for many, many times, in this seminar you compressed to a few hours, and as if waiting queue progressed dramatically.

I stood on the Kremlin wall, a huge queue. I wanted to look at the grave Malyshev. There Kremlin wall: Korolev, Kurchatov, baby, all the works gathered here. And at the same time to go to Vladimir Ilyich. And there is a very long queue. I thought I was never going to get, well, there really is tail. And here I stand, stand – nothing is done, stand-stand – nothing is being done. And then suddenly trrrrr, and moved half a kilometer.

This is exactly the same and all of these practices are yours. Sometimes we live in, all slow. And then fast methods. After all, in fact you do not communicate with people who came to the seminar. You communicate with the Absolute, which in the next years of your was supposed to come in different forms: as husbands, wives, lovers, mistresses, bosses, subordinates, random people and so on and so forth.


Friends, and which one of you was steamy yoga.? This is also from the same series of practices, write a review there. I ask all of you at all to write a review about the seminar and the “triadchikov” even in the Triad.


Now, would you like to hear the impressions, feelings, thoughts. Who is ready to take my place, introduce yourself, and tell us something. Forward.


Andrej Sazonov, Catur group “word to describe it is difficult, I will try. Last time, I began to feel, perhaps because of pranayama, Bhava. And I told a few people that I really inspire conversation. For some reason I want it and I enjoy it. And today it was really kind of concentration. The concentrated solution is, roughly speaking, here it all. And I will get back some wave. Not to say that once it happened. At first, like, say the words, trying to find, and somewhere something inhibits, but then there were a few times as glimpses. I mean, what you say, and you believe, and you start it myself … a moment of truth. Here are a few times a slipped feeling. That is, you realize that this is a game in a sense, mind you realize that this is a game. But you’re flirting so that at some point – bam! – And you fail, and you realize that you have already began to play. “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, my friends, this is generally not really a game, it is possible to tell the reality. What makes you think that what you are now worked in practice more of a game than your relationship in real life, after we remove the protective field ?!


Who else wants to say? I do not want to open his mouth? But you must! Especially students of the Open University of Yoga, you will need to share their experiences. “


Tatiana, a group Catur: “I have to practice writing the pair that I have all the association, when you look into the eyes of a man:” See the forest for the trees. ” That is, as it were behind the form we see so much more. And in this practice today is much more for me to open. It does not matter who is in practice: a man, a woman. That is, you pass, you say, and you see the forest for the trees.

Send words, it is very difficult, but in such a non-verbal level, the shape of the person is some kind of grandiosity comprehensive. And this Bhava grows rapidly, and the state is completely different. And then, after these practices, when you go home, usually I want to embrace the whole world, and each individual, and each shines through. “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Excellent! Once again, my friends, the practice of the Triad. If you have a husband or wife, with whom do not get along, you know that after this practice relations must improve. She is designed and practices. Sometimes, what you can not break through the shell of some misunderstanding in the personal relationship with the position Generic yoga.

Man and woman, husband and wife. Sometimes it’s easier to work with someone random. In terms of the fact that with a partner who has got it wrong.


Who else wants to say? Go-go. Austerity inside when Bhava outside. When Bhava share, friends, this is much more austerity than anything else. Because it may be holy, may the heavens opened to you for you. And then some ordinary words, we have all the boring to narrate. “



Andrey Kulikov, Catur group: “The feeling of the practice. When practice started, and somewhere in half the time of the practice, I was focusing on the partner and on the words that I speak to him. So I focused on partners from him, and said that I did see. And absolutely do not interest me, what I’m told. Generally I do not pay attention. “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “It seems to you that you are not paying attention. Then he will take two-three-four days, and suddenly emerge from the subconscious are those snatches of conversation that you heard.

To process such practices is one thing in the coming lectures we shall see, this time the result. Sometimes the strongest result on the rise, comes during practice, not even after the practice. And sometimes the passage of time begins to reach, such as the roar: “Uuuuuuu”. When you are alone. One on one with the universe. Houses, somewhere, lying on the couch after a delicious dinner and a day’s work. I stretched out like that. And then begin to germinate those seeds of good practices, which have been a few weeks ago.

Our mind – is Manas. He is either missing something or does not pass. In such practices it is too unusual experience for Manas. Too unusual. And so it is in this place, you know how to register everything in the computer to process the information pits, pits, pits, which would then, when it will be enough resources to rethink, for example, in a dream, or some time later.

Therefore, it is not good, not bad, that there is no perception (what you say partner in practice). This is normal in fact. “


Andrew: “But then there was the perception. Manas was broken. And I just really was surprised. I really began to feel what I say. And if not 100%, it is 99% sure that is really the way it is. And here now. That is, for me, it was like something new. That is, it was unexpected and in another situation I would not have responded. “


Helen Wagner, Catur group: “I once wrote in a response that my prose is difficult to express their thoughts. But I am here reminded of a poem, is very important for this moment.


There are so many people,

Which can love,

Where you can look into the eyes

And to feel God.


That can not wait,

A simple thank

During their birth into the world,

And mark on our roads.


And there are moments of meetings,

When it is not important,

The words of the year, the city,

Spouses and dreams.


When words are not necessary,

And only looks gentle.

And filled with life

Holy water of inspiration.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I was once told Victoria the following sentence:” The gods are. ” Well, you, you. And still one more on the way. Here I feel that someone else, some strong generation must come to Open Yoga University, I feel their backbone. But that’s why they can not find us entrance. “


Sayer, Catur group: “I am a little bit in the continuation of this practice. I remember in one lesson, Victoria told us an interesting phrase: “All beautiful women – one.” I went, and I just crazy this idea in my head just boiled, I could not understand what it is. I was sitting on the subway, stared at the people and at some point I realized I could see what it was, I think I saw that really every woman, she is unique, it is such an individual, it is perfect, it divine. And if anyone thinks that this is not the case, then you are very much mistaken. You are beautiful, you are divine, you are perfect, you are perfect, you just do Shakti in the flesh. “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Hurrah! Hooray! How lucky your peasants !!! Anybody else want to say? “

Galina, a free listener: “Indeed, I have here today are feeling at this seminar, I became engaged here in February this year, and feelings are that I’m on the verge of something new. I can not even put it into words, then I’ve got some kind of happiness. I go out, I see the sun, I see the white snow that sparkle. And I’m happy without anything.

And what about this seminar. There were such moments here, I really believe that I’m really like to believe that I said so. Sometimes felt the game there, laughing, but sometimes that’s just as though someone opens something new in me.

In general, I work with children, teaching English. And I’m thinking that I’m very few children praise. And I need to talk more and more that they are good, they are smart, and usually the other way around. As they say, that you are there idler, that just came. Artem have any, everyone is afraid of him. Even in kindergarten all his fear, caregivers simply sighed. And then I see that he wanted me to stay and talk to me, even when these children are not present. And he said Galina Ivanovna, gave me candy, he says: “Let’s have a cup of tea with me.” And I see that he is a normal, good boy, when one on one.

And I think that after this workshop I will praise the more. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, yes, my friends, we should praise, we must be sure.”

Elena, the group Astra: “I wanted to say thank you to all of you. And that noticed that those people who are very, very open was much easier to say what I wanted to say. They have such right. “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “This means that before that they someone so many times it is said. And those who are more closed, perhaps for the first time faced with this. You know, so, here, too. “


Elena: “Yes, yes. I understand. And when that’s barely a moment happened, I began my own ideas about that person to emerge, as if the two of Maya met and it was difficult.

And I would like to say that the boys were as if deeper. That is, here’s what they said, in a very deep sense of awareness went inside. Immediately I began to feel so, perhaps, that in itself can not see. “


Anna Esaulenko, Catur group: “The feeling of praise practices. I think we have it launched in the University a little earlier, even when we do newsletter by e-Mail, we always lovely lovely goddess, gods; with love, with Bhava. Here are all the treatment. When I read the newsletter, I had this phrase by not missing, I will read through it. And what to say next, and it will be fine and healthy, no matter what delivery, and what they write.

And here it is, I understand even. When we began the reviews, comments, praise, when you read other people’s comments, and you can see how kto-to kogo-to praises, even it does not matter you, but you already see in this man a little bit more, because you see that he can appreciate and you see that the person who evaluated more than he had seen before. Because you’ll be able to look at it through the eyes of different people.

And I myself felt that I was really starting to like. I go to the gym, I see a person, and I love these people. Because they are so beautiful, they have so many times praised, and I believe in it.

And today, when it was not written somewhere, and when this was said in earnest, from the heart, really, and I said very sincerely, and I would like to say, to say more than I have said, because the word is not. Meets a man, look at it, and you feel, but there are no words to express.

And when you say, sometimes, really, no matter what. Although some people have said that! And very much like to hug and cuddle the breast. We hugged and snuggled, and did not want to let go. “


Irina, artist Catur: “I wanted to say that I was surprised very much that, in fact, the words penetrated very deeply. Because, in fact, we told each other some rather banal things, you’re beautiful, you’ll be happy. Quite often people say to each other is. But today it from like-minded people sounded like something different, and somehow deeper, something, so just believe in it.

And I would like to share their experiences from previous seminars. Several times, when I was riding home after a seminar, people came up to me and said things like, there came some retirees, say it, or men, and said, “You are the light,” that’s it that’s the word. I think today, too. “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “So, finally, Outdoor Yoga University will shine!

Friends, here’s a look, a good idea was voiced that some phrases here …

Someone came up to me from the boys, the question was asked: “This is culture, what to do?”

I remembered a saying, in my opinion, Mark Twain, that greatest talent – is to convey simple truths in a new way. The most common things that are familiar to everyone, if you can bring them to the reader, viewer or listener, you’re a genius creator.

And in fact, this is a very profound remark of Mark Twain, for the simple reason that it’s Mantra Yoga.

Why we do not respond to the usual words? Those who sound. Because it’s like a mantra, they are not awakened. To mantra acted, it must be awakened. And what would she woke up, it is necessary to awaken in her Shakti. And to Shakti in her awaken, it is necessary to become a Brahman, the Absolute, or the goddess herself.

So, if you are in this state, the Absolute, every word, every sentence, even the most banal, you say, it will cease to be a banal phrase, this is the mantra of direct action.

Generally, in the mantra yoga, there are very, very powerful mantra – the mantra of direct action. You say, and at the time of pronouncing changing universe. And do not say it many times, it is enough to say once.

And in fact, the whole mantra yoga is that we could awaken.

Yoga Love, as you may recall, is considered to have, say, in the tradition, the fastest yogi. And so the practice of Yoga Love fastest open in you the ability to revive the supernormal mantra. And you these words, saying, you really changed man. Helped him open his potential overpotential. And they are, indeed, ordinary words, people have heard, as if for the first time heard in my life.

Usually, you know, in love with a boy and girl together on your date some, if you listen to them, what they are saying? They say, in general, ordinary words.

If by any robot would be sitting, I recorded some sounds, signs. But for the girls to hear these words from a young man, it is the world turned upside down! I see.


A participant of the seminar: “I think I am obliged to share.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “This is a good word,” must share “!. Students of the Open University of Yoga, your will, when it is a duty shared by performing the principle of openness. “

Participant: “I am Brahman and nothing else (laughs). Here, from Barnaul. I have a guest visit. Thank you Helen Wagner for this wonderful opportunity to hug people. This is my most favorite activity. Embracing people to keep their hands. It is a pity that they do not adequately respond to the street. But it is all in our power. And now I’m a little bit sad. Probably because I do not like spinning in your lap, so I was a little bit different emotions.

In particular, when the practice … I consider myself a pretty open person, but with each new word, I began to feel that same shell, through which it was necessary to get through, and to detect a much complexes. At some point I felt so hurt, that’s somewhere here, as though inside me someone sobbed, wept bitter tears. And I felt physically sick from it. And I thought, it’s not just knock you into my shell, but it woke up the child, who once said that “yes you do there is no bad, do not listen.” Here the child woke up and began also began to hollow shells toward the inside. So thank you very much. I promise you that we will prodolbim this shell. “



Part 4


Feedback on previous practice.

Salamatina Irina. MOYU, Catur group: In this practice, when allowed your feelings, your hands, your body itself to speak, spontaneously showed up hand positions. And a lot of people like to feel this one language. There, “I am Brahman and nothing else. Do you have something. ” Especially for me it turned out, for example, when the hands are folded in namaste and at the same time when people tend some similar religious gestures, postures. Head roam each other. It was like some kind of ritual. It was spontaneous, but at the same time with different people. These gestures have come to the same postures.

Then there was a moment that sometimes when you say you do not feel what you are saying. And I would like, in this practice, somewhere alternate, for example, first tell you, and you just feel and accept, and then you say, and the other person only feels.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, I understand that. Friends, we must begin with the very first of something, to have some kind of experience was. And then to complicate.


Andrey Kulikov: Just like on the Kree. We touch what we would like to share. That is, first one and then the opposite. I do not do, that is, at first he did, then … I’m just the fact that each universe, as it were … (Laughter).

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It’s actually a very serious question axiomatic. Why to you, students, to miss, as much as possible such practices, including the Triad, and Love Yoga? You are then on their skin will feel axioms! You will take the exam in any MOYU. You will not remember my bad lecture, and their feelings. This is what I aspire to.

The situation is this. Axiomatically, what happens ?. You are all self-contained universe. Are you a language of communication with the Absolute, with the outside world. Shares have Mayan. What is Maya? Remember the axioms. In order for everyone to be free and at the same time was able to communicate with the other free. Imagine if there were no Maya, any a priori my freedom was not freedom of another. If I have something I can do, but in my universe other living creature, it follows that he can not do. And how to unleash this conflict? Maya – one of the most brilliant notions of the Absolute. This is how to communicate with their own kind, all remained free.

Maya allows you to sometimes very fantastic stuff, docks, at first glance, not docked. And if you understand it, well, let’s say, if you carry on a normal life, you begin to understand your husband or wife. And if not, then not. It has its own algorithm to communicate with the surrounding universe, you have your own. He has his own language, have their own language. And at the same time, with the time you come to that produced by any third common language when your private language and its language.


Anna Esaulenko. MOYU Group Catur: First, I’d like to look at people and just forced myself to lower my eyes, and I could not. I wanted to take back the hand and look. And then, at will, forced her to close her eyes. Only occasionally peep. Then there was really big, when you start to feel. Feel spite. Feeling that the person is suitable or near side. In general, to navigate in space with his eyes closed. In fact, I am beginning to feel. And when guys say at a time or something. I have had such an effect that I did not have the phrase. We were told to say, “I am Brahman, and nothing else.” I had a sense of the phrase. And here these words themselves, one after another, they were not. The very essence of some remained in thought, and the phrase was not. And there was no one by one. It felt as if you rub your hands, it is not clear what kind of hand t. Certainly no one hand, there is no other. Tensions will not. The feeling was exactly that, if it is not, that’s all. This is a phrase that’s all. And anyone who gets everything becomes meaningless. There was no difference.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Great, who still wants it?


Elena. MOYU group ASTRA, part-time students: I want to say that the experience was very interesting. Do you feel that every Brahman, but each had its own way. That is, the touch were very different, but at the same time, all are united and different at the same time. Very interesting. And in contrast to the practices that we saw, did what I was distracted, some ideas. And that’s when you feel the person you really …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: … not the usual channel of information, we have fewer plants

Elena: Yes, yes. They immediately wash out. You feel it. Thank you.

I forgot what to say, I am Brahman. I touched the man and said: “You – the Brahman”, directly addressing this appeal. And when she said the phrase: “You have it,” then that phrase, I appeal to the Absolute, and through it did promise a man. And I caught myself on the idea that such a moment has crossed all with Triad practice, when we touched, hugged men. I even life never thought that I strongly embrace her husband, that this is some kind of consistency, it passes through all men. In life, I did not notice that her husband and son, I embrace you with the same feeling. As if it’s a permanent consciousness and through a partner it is to pass. And in this practice came through all that’s individual, unique through each experience. Not that feel, and sat down on the mat and thought: “What am I doing this?” I thought I tried this is now the permanence, the uniqueness of the find in each person.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Great. Still have questions, my friends? Then we move on to the next practice.


Mila. MOYU, Group Three: I first to the practice, which had previously been. By praise. I want to say that I was much more difficult to give praise for practice than with tactile sensations. I think that logically follows praise after you touch someone.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Not hallucinations it? (laugh)


Mila: Is not that logical, simply it would be desirable itself, say something. And when we complimented each other, look into my eyes and I want to first of all, do not say a word, but just to touch her cheek or something, pat. And then we say, “What a wonderful”, or: “What you are beautiful.” And yet, through sign language, to touch a lot, do not know why it is much easier to feel elusive. And when we moved to the next, from one to another, it was a little bit subtle, but slide off. When you look, you start to open your eyes and say: “Here this was, I felt it as I used to feel before, to this practice.” And immediately begin any there, in the mind of garbage floats …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is not garbage, it’s a very good thing to say. Patanjali in this occasion wrote an entire treatise “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.” (Laugh) . This is not garbage, friends. It is very important. Unconscious previous impressions of the mind, which left on the surface of the grain Buddhi and, in fact, the seeds of karma, no more, no less. They are not as harmless as you think. That’s why you’re saying is correct, tactile feel alone. Because you have the information channel is not the usual, nothing to compare. And secondly, you do not know who it is and is not connected previous experience of interaction. And then you open your eyes and, “Oh, a miracle!” First, the perception was one, opened his eyes, as Buddhi surface Aw, Snap, surfaced and all the impressions – again, and distorted view of man. And in these sections can very well understand what Patanjali meant when he said: “When you learn to uproot the seeds of negative karma from his buddhi, you reach Samadhi.” Because it turns out that times have changed interpretation, and she have suffered, I suffered. So it’s a very good point.


Comment: In fact, when the tactile someone touching you, really, if you just say the word, “you are good”, and you’ll be there at a loss, and it can be bad, you never know. Have you tried it, really what it is soft and once this here nonsense in mind (maybe it bad?) Disappears. Yes, indeed, he is a good, warm, soft. And you want to touch it. That is, I think, are all very important. Please make a man, yes, he did, so it is, and then, well, I do not know …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Very good point, I really enjoyed it. Bravo!

So, friends, we are now waiting for the next practice. Then we will share what anybody said. I deliberately left the time the curtain of our seminar. Now the practice, we will strengthen further due to these elements here Triad Yoga Love.

The practice is very simple. For young people: ask a girl to dance. It will be carried out as follows. Girls will be around boys here. The problem of boys, as soon as the music starts, two poles, then, in one female, the other male. Here is the post men, the center of consciousness. On the other hand energy center. Now, notice, man, like bindu point, consciousness comes to the girl. And this should be the algorithm, we have simplified all these practices do: the young man is not flashing eyes, the eyes of the goddess of eating, and the girl, with downcast eyes, not looking at him. See, there is a difference. You know, as they say, there is a phrase: “A man loves his eyes, ears and woman.” I have not heard one of you?

So, men are suitable, taking the girl by the hand. Solemnly. Girl standing with downcast eyes, and the boy is eating it as a spotlight, eats the eyes, literally. Goddess! He takes her hand and solemnly brings to the center, then puts her hands on his shoulders, his arms around her waist and bows in a slow dance one round passes, dancing. Once the circle is made solemnly devotes back to where he took her to the place. And take the next girl. Now I will show in a nutshell.


Clarification: She is not looking?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. The girl completely tactile sensation. The girl, shy, downcast eyes, anywhere, not only on the young man. I told my mother, they met with the pope. Mom went on … Then there were evening meetings of the Institute, as a rule. Disco was not there, it’s in the evening. Well, her father ohmuril and went to see. Vad, you can not imagine, he accompanies me, and I did not know he was high or small … (laughter). Thin or thick. Around here some prana around her, magic, enchanted, bewitched his attention, so that she could not be seen at close range. Like, of course, my father was such a man. Indeed, I look at photos of a young man, uh! And when I came home, I like, and I do not know, maybe I did not recognize, in the sense that what it all. This is so, the Maya fascination on the part of men! Guys, do you hear? Your task is to charm the goddess. Here’s this courtesy, attention from all sides. Come on, I’ll show in a small form that we are not confused. All we remove everything.

We prepared all? Music, let’s go! Guys, look. I am a young man, I eat the eyes, the eyes I eat, I eat the eyes. I invite the goddess! I invite the goddess! That is, I intently, I’m just delighted to … I would not fall off … (laughs). Neatly itself. Friends, guys, very powerfully, but have very gently. And we start slowly, but confident enough to lead Man. Eat the eyes! Admire! Sometimes it can be a little further away to get a better look. So the eyes do not eat, it’s a different experience, but here here and so eat the eyes. That is totally, all your prana, that you are focused, that’s all your prana, you are completely absorbed in the consciousness of the girl. Neatly, neatly as anything like a dance, as it turns out. It is not a question of dance, there is a question here of rigid attention. Your whole life inside a girl, you, as consciousness permeates through her, admire her. That is very, very carefully.

And then, as soon as the full range of made you neatly to accompany her to the place. And then, my friends, is not to turn and run. No, do you attach to the place where they came from. You know, like Her Majesty. Back, back, right, and turned to …

And then the second run … (very loud laughter). Boys are just so that you have touched all, all the girls, and then further. All the rest, remember, master, slave, and the audience. The rest of the look. Meditation picture.


Clarification: A girl and then move away, huh? Which has already passed?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So that between the girls who danced and danced and had a distance of one person. To be able to understand where, what, why.

So, let’s all. Mark, come on good music and some longer.


Practice 20 min.


So, guys, you all should be proud, you – Shiva himself. Pride! You see? You have the goddess of beauty. You are in the status of the Absolute.

Boys, for another goddess, and then we’ll analyze each step axiomatically.

Great, now completing.

Part 5



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “So, then, my friends, once again I want to remind you – this is not a disco. It apparently seems like an ordinary dance. This act, you know. It is then from this action, these rituals have spread, and including the nobility in the form of dance. As you know, I can imagine little caveman to arrange such extravaganza. It happened late enough. In general, the history of dance is one of the most exciting and interesting.

Rita yoga. Ask. Generally not an obvious thing. Generally no obvious point of occurrence of the dance. For what? Who needs it? Dawn begins to occur in the Middle Ages. Can you imagine? Middle Ages and suddenly these things.

Look, everything is axiomatic. The device of the Universe. Remember that in every man there is a woman, and every woman is a man. Do you like this or that man or woman according to one of the Triad approach only if they are similar to your inner man or woman. Roughly speaking, there are within the image, and you compare, yeah, yeah, like – not like, like – not like. And like – like, do not like – not like it. It should be friends, you naturally would have to be a feeling of preference. I want this, I do not want to dance. By this pull, this does not pull.

You are yoga and yogini. You are not ordinary people are able to Pasha. You must be able to work with all the manifestations of his sympathies and emotions. For you work with display – but why not pull will be no less important than, “And that’s why this is pulling and you want to?” Do you remember this logic? More in Patanjali it spelled out that there is a fear of ignorance, fear of liking and disliking. For the likes and dislikes – the desire life. Fivefold contamination.

So, it turns out the next thing that, for example, being a man, you are looking for a Man, the inner woman, but at the same time, your inner woman is nothing but what your previous experience. That is, this inner woman was somehow formed and the question is that if you want to, well, roughly speaking, if a man wants to be manly and attractive to women, he should recognize this inner woman, how it was formed, how it should continue to be formed . To do this, he needs to interact with a variety of women, which draws and which does not pull.

Just I say, and there, and there you will get a lot of intuitive information, such as your brain there, feeling all shoveled your idea. And, furthermore, you expect a lot of surprises. Before you had some performances, but worth it to you to invite to dance and chirim, chirim, chirim, everything changed. Generally, these are two very big problems always. These are the things to which we are drawn, and those things that we feel sick. What we do not like. In fact, and there and there – death Koshcheeva – a needle! That is our negative karma.

Now look, axiomatically, what happens to the energy and consciousness. Consciousness is love, absorbed energy. The energy is in this sense is more figurative, sensual, very powerful, mighty, it can enhance any undertaking consciousness, if she feels that’s the gaze of rays of consciousness. Usually so watch lovers. Not looking up. Why? Yes, because if a person is in love, he’s just a different view can not.

And the same situation here. If you want to control any energy, you should concentrate most on her mind. If you want to somehow attract the mind, you have to, respectively, to work with energy.

Now here’s this dance, like a ritual. He’s very, very important. That is, everyone here, every element of it is very, very axiomatic. That’s the energy and consciousness. They are joined in the dance – the dance, in fact, all of life is happening around us. And how would a change of partners – is actually no change of partners – is working with his impressions. Because while dancing your Higher Self and the Absolute, which is manifested through one girl through another, third, fourth. If you learn how encourages yoga of love, to see a single for many, you will be happy. If you assume that the set of many, you will be tempted by search not see one. Here.

Well, other moments and the little things that need to grind, hone, no matter how you get there dancing. It is important, what is the limit for a man, that he minds, actually “Shiva without Shakti – the body,” as stated in Anandalahari. If he sends to her mind, she gives him energy. Questions have any – anything? “

Question: “Why is she hiding her eyes? Why had not she seen? Why is it dampens your energy? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, but it is only in this exercise. I chose one of the many. Of course, a lot of exercise. And it is very different, but here I picked it up, make it to the start. Well, as the personification of that.

There is another version. Shiva sits motionless and beautiful Goddess takes the fascinating dance. That is, in the buff. Sitting man, open mouth, can not look away. (Laughs) That’s right, it’s very good. Girls, look, enlightened men in your hands. Do you have a key to their consciousness. You can enhance the power of their mind. Young men, in the same way and have the keys of the girls enlightenment.

Help each other to grow. Why Absolute invented couples and so on? To help. Grow. Well, finally, do you remember that any practice should help you to know one of the multiple. And concentrate all the fruits of good practices on generic yoga. Husband, wife, with whom you do not get along, or someone else with the opposite sex. First of all you should spend it on them. This merit. Still have questions? “

Q: “You say that you need to see one of the multiple. If it is transferred to the laws of the axioms. This will be the law of 1 or 2-3? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev “Act 1. See what the situation. Act 4-5 – it’s a terrible way to help. Serious help on the way, if you know it. When you understand that one may shine through one, then in another, and through the third. As through one who is pleasant, as well as through one who is not pleasant.

You know, in my Krishna Rama I had the bike. I Walked Monk and the meeting ran mad elephant. Monk grabbed and tossed into the bushes. The monk fell, it is bad. Throw it. We ran up. And the rest of the monks after some time went. They tied him, give some water, dust blown off, it means everything – everything. And the first of them asks: “Who are you so” To which he replied: “That’s the one who hit me then, is now the dust blows away, and gives me some water.”

Odnovkusovost all that is happening. It turns out that the work of all the sympathy – antipathy. This scourge of friends. Cutting off hopes and fears. I think that you or someone that does not like. Then there is a layering.

So. Act 4: 5, when you realize that for many comes one. What’s all the girls was a girl, that for all the young men was a young man. You go to the law of 1: 1. And when you come to the law of 1: 1, life becomes calmer. With all the ensuing consequences. You start to communicate with those on the other side of all incoming events. And when he begins to respond to you, it’s state before the samadhi. Here. Really very strange state. When you start the universe to respond. Here. Any questions?

Action. After all, many of the young man asked. But pay attention! Boys and girls. How to correctly enter a boy and a girl? So he invited her, so he did from start to finish held. Then completely left to the starting position. It is only then noticed the same Goddess, only through another girl appears. It is very important! At first glance, well, what’s the difference? And in life poimeete a lot of problems, young man, if you do not understand. Although all the girls alone, but do not need to talk to the girl that some have more different. In this case, it is unique. This is not necessary. You do not need to have: instead of having to use the law of 4: 5, come to 1: 1, you will strengthen the law 4: 5. She will say: “But what? After all, I’m the only goddess! “

Here. Still have questions. No questions. Wellcome! Who does not like the practice, raise your hands. “


Question: “I was not very comfortable to do nothing.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Oh, do nothing! Friends, and here, by the way, too, you know, I’m sorry. It is also know such things Triad. I’m more like you say. I am more. I’m such a juicy examples are given. For example, the Union of yoga. Sexual Yoga. And you do have sex. I should be active during the male or female sex? Identify: five minutes of one another five minutes.

It happens sometimes. Well, you know, earlier in the Victorian era. The woman went to bed, I’m sorry, spreads her legs, she turned away and covered her face with something, since it was not accepted. Heavy need to perform the conjugal duty. That is the attitude was to have sex. The woman was passive, and it was thought that, God forbid that she showed at least some particular opinion, right? It is generally considered immoral. Then he went to liberate the sexual revolution. And we came to the other extreme. Watching and ponachitavshis these books, women think they have to, like a squirrel in a cage in the bed. Do not stop.

A man in bed, you know, like a corpse of Shiva. What it is also very bad. Why? Because in fact, according to the Union of yoga, but it is a separate, however, the theme is just as important. A man must make a certain number of movements, if not, he will slip point of yoga, it is not perenapryazhёt certain muscles.

And so it is absolutely right should be alternated. In this case, we have made the practice towards that man active and passive woman. Another practice – this is when … but now simply have no time to do it. When the contemplative man, and the woman is extremely active. Here. And absolutely right, everything must be balanced. It must be so and so. But God forbid, a man does not receive the amount of movements! He almost can not hold ejaculation. There will come before you, women would like to have. Well, I mean those men who know how to have sex without a loss. And yet! All the holiday is over! And if man himself very wisely starts, he is active, well, will, perforce begin to strain the muscles of the arms, legs, waist. Next, they say yes. Here. And if not strange, the more they are tensed, the more these conflicting impulses in the nervous system and it is easier to hold, respectively, it can be longer, I’m sorry, the woman saw. What happens sometimes is very useful for women. To stay in a passive state.

This question, in fact and not customary to discuss them. Everything connected with sex, or taboo, or that it is not clear. But in general, in fact, friends, this is an extremely important question. If this disbalansirovke you will receive less of something, you and the rest of life will Anrite. And here it is necessary to approach very well. So yes. Digress. Now we return to practice. So, who wants to say that? “

MOYU group Catur, Andrei Sazonov: “I did not expect that it will be a powerful practice. Honestly. It would seem dancing, I for his 48 years as I was dancing, that feeling, like now, when I focused on something one, it is the consciousness, I never felt such powerful emotion. Because dancing, it would seem, were innocent, however, all the girls with whom I danced, I fell in love with it as long as I was going through. Due to this concentration. Strong, powerful practice. Unexpected and very cool. “



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Practice of yoga of love. Here I want to add. Triad said, but what she is famous triad? There’s sex, sex in bed. Engage in sex. Friends, but the thrill of sex in bed will fade like mist like smoke from some completely innocent practices as to ask a girl to dance. The roof can carry. The rest of the experience is absolutely properly noticed. Here is a typical effect of the Triad practices. After all, you only think you know, sex – is a strong impression, and if a girl on the dance, it seems to be the case.

You do not know anything in the device body and axioms. Ananda – Prana is born when the energy and consciousness is connected. It should more properly connect them. And the strongest, you remember that sex at the physical level, a pleasant thing, nobody argues. Sex on a subtle level – extremely pleasant. Sex on the causal level carries over the horizon. Or another way: interaction at the level of the physical body nice man and a woman, on a thin order of magnitude nicer on the causal level before really, before the enlightened state.



MOYU group Catur, Elena: “There is such a sense of value, as a” here and now “, because the mind is no longer toss and, indeed, the whole world is focused on one person. And then there comes ease. As if you had a rest. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “It is axiomatic. Remember? In the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali says: “Citta Vrittis Nirodha – stop mysleobrazovanie parasitic on the surface of the mind.” Our brain is its parasitic mindset robs us. One text says, “Yeah, I knew who the thief who throughout my life stealing from me! Now I’ll be cruel to him. ” This is a very specific statement that you understand the nature of this mysleobrazovaniya’s flailing, he embezzled all of your strength. You will never have a rest. Never a rest. Bravo!”

MOYU group Catur, Anna: “It seems to me that it was after this practice was necessary to do the practice of” I am Brahman and nothing else. ” Because, really, other thoughts were not about men. Such gods all beautiful! Even when you’re not dancing, and look how he invites other women, you see there is indeed Brahman. And such thoughts: “Lord, do they still have?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Anya, Anya, I specifically did not change their positions. Because, if I changed, you would all enlightened. And you four more years in the Open Yoga University student – it was a selfish purpose. “


Anya: “And although that’s up to this practice, too, the experience of your pass. It is unfortunate the subway, which, in my opinion, all the practices are. Triad. All life in the underground. And the food in the subway, a man sitting in front of me is a beautiful, well-groomed. Apparently, from the airport. Such subway just any ride, and now here he is sitting. I sit, gaze at, and he sits himself in his thoughts, a cap pulls and so beautiful, so extraordinary. I look at him and think: “My God, what are you doing here” and stop, it goes unnoticed and in its place sits a chump, dirty, smelly. And sits down, and just pulls the cap. I look at him and think: “Here it is – the Absolute.” And here I sit and I think: “Find the five differences.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, Bravo! Someone else anything. So. All. Forward. Questions, yes, yes. Time students, we will remember you. “

Question: “Do I have a question about the transfer of these practices here. That is just a continuation of the theme. What we’re doing here, it works here, but in real life is spreading, but not to think about it. Or exactly the same promises of unfamiliar people: “You are Brahman and nothing else.” Not with words, but can be tactile. How can you bear it? It is worth or not worth it? It will run itself from the unconscious impressions? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “You see, MOYU students will have to do if you teach yoga. You know, there is a small nuance. Each practice. This practice Triad related to rapid methods. There is the beginning of practice, the actual practice and completion practices. You can not spread it. God knows what will happen, God knows what. Therefore, if you decide in everyday life something done, there must also be the beginning of a private practice and completion practices. To dragged tails. Wink, as the Goddess. Yes. How do you say. Come on, I am not, this is a very long topic. Sanctify, serious topic.

But what I would advise. This is where the practice took place. What you should take away from this seminar? Inspiration! Not some skills, achievements. Because, really, and now men, “much progress” – this is such philanderers turn out? What kind of girl will stand by this attention? And now, I just would not want to stand outside. Because you still get there as ohmurit Woman in 5 minutes and so on and so forth. You know – it’s still not working, out of context of practice, they do not work, they only earn money, who wrote such books. And no one uses because they are not alive.

I wish that we here in the best way the Triad. Here you are now in the status of Gods and Goddesses. You like to have left their status outside the triple-shield. We remember, we have created here. You know, as guests of the future. Do you like to visit in the future, your future, the future of the sentient beings who have been involved in the practice. You look at everything through different eyes, you become aware of their power, you soaked Bhava. And now, if you leave, after the protective field is removed, the normal their status, everything will remain as before. You will shine! The light will be, because it will shove this Bhava and Bhava, it makes all the surrounding prana obey. And you will be power factor, you will dominate.

You know, because yoga has a very specific aspects such purely practical. And how to be strong, to the universe you obey? Need prana! But where to take it? Bhava bear. And where to get Bhava? In practice, it does. It is desirable, in the fastest method.

And I would like to first of all you have presented this Bhava, the prana to their relatives and friends. They became more tolerant tolerant. For parents, the children, their husbands, wives. Lovers, mistresses. Someone who is.



Reviewed. The earlier the better. Why is it important?





Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Hurrah! Hooray!



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